3. Public Historian extraordinaire Cathy Stanton provides a quick overview of all panels at the NCPH Annual Meeting featuring digital media.

  7. Hey girl,

    We’ve got exciting news! We’ll be at this year’s National Council on Public History Annual Meeting discussing Public History Ryan Gosling and the use of popular culture to engage with online audiences.  Stay tuned for some new images in anticipation of the conference, and find us on Twitter or follow the hashtag #phrg2013 for updates about our panel.  Feel free to ask us any questions and join in the conversation about digital media and the practice of public history.

  9. Please check out this article written by yours truly, Public History Ryan Gosling’s creators Rachel Boyle and Anne E. Cullen, on the National Council on Public History's blog History@Work.  We were elated when public historian extraordinaire Cathy Stanton reached out to us to submit a blog post about our experiences writing PHRG.

    We’ve used the opportunity to explore the successes, failures and other implications of this project and really look forward to any feedback or comments you might have to share with us.

  10. Make sure to read this article on NCPH’s History@Work website featuring the late Michel-Rolph Trouillot, such an influential figure to the public history field.

    It also includes one of our PHRG images which we also kind of love.